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Disco Stu regularly brings you collections of his finest funk/house/downtempo and broken beat tracks in the form of a AudioBlog/Podcast directly from the Mothership. These mixes are meant to bring back the days of disco2000 on 88.1 FM WMUC College Park!

One Nation Under A Groove : Breathe Mix (11|01|2020)

320 kbit/44100 Hz Stereo M4A: (Download)

Put on your headphones and take a moment to breathe. Enjoy these funky vibes in this mix that starts with synths and breaks from the likes of Sasha and Bronson and NAVVI. As the mix progresses, the beats turn to lo-fi house which gives way to an upbeat disco vibe. As your spirit is lifted the mix ends with an acid house feeling in a Four Tet remix of Caribou. Float away into the bliss at the end of the set with beats by Akasha System.

  1. Sasha - Head Melter
  2. Bronson - Vaults
  3. NAVVI - Modern Chemistry
  4. Kaskade - MIA to LAS
  5. M. Vaughan - Room to Breathe
  6. Donis - The Ha Dance (I Do Believe Flip)
  7. DULLAFTRUSE - Fantasy Hall
  8. DJ Houseplants - Just Don't Know
  9. Jayda G - Both of Us
  10. Long Island Sounds - I Still Love You
  11. Afriqua - Wagwan Bhagwan
  12. Baronhawk Poitier - Temperado Tornado
  13. India Jordan - For You
  14. Caribou - Never Come Back (Four Tet Remix)
  15. Akasha System - Warped Shadow
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