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Disco Stu regularly brings you collections of his finest funk/house/downtempo and broken beat tracks in the form of a AudioBlog/Podcast directly from the Mothership. These mixes are meant to bring back the days of disco2000 on 88.1 FM WMUC College Park!

One Nation Under A Groove : How The Funk Was Won (The Dr. Funkenstein Story) Mix (06|21|2020)

128 kbit/44100 Hz Stereo MP3: (Download)

In this edition of Funk Masterpiece theatre Stu retells the story of how the magnificent Dr. Funkenstein defeated the Subliminal Seducer and brought funk to the universe.

  1. Intro - Attack of the Subliminal Seducer
  2. Parliament - Gaming On Ya
  3. Oniero - What Happened To The Music?
  4. O'Jays - Give The People What They Want
  5. Kool & the Gang - Jungle Jazz
  6. Fat Back Band - Yum Yum
  7. Kool & the Gang - Spirit of the Boogie
  8. Sylk130 - When The Funk Hits The Fan
  9. Sylk130 - Uptown
  10. Herb Albert - Rise
  11. Funkadelic - Cholly (Funk Getting Ready To Roll!)
  12. Commodores - Brick House
  13. Tony Alva - Sexy Coffee Pot
  14. Funkadelic - Standing On The Verge Of Gettin' It On
  15. The Moonlighters - Funky Moon Meditation
  16. Parliament - Dr. Funkenstein
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